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SAT Society of Mountaineers Tridentini

Section of the CAI – Italian Alpine Club

Established September 2, 1872 in Madonna di Campiglio with the name ” Alpine Society of Trentino”.

Sections: 82 – Groups: 7

Members: 27,170 ( 31.12.2012 )

Patrimony shelters: it has 34 mountain huts, 5 huts social,15 camps and other support points for a total of 3,000 beds .

Trails: signage care and maintenance of 745 trails (3955 km), 118 marked paths (851 km) and 74 climbing routes (309 km), for a total of 5116 km.

Editorial activity: 26 directories, over four hundred publications social, scientific and commemorative. Since 1904, publishes the “Bulletin” social.

Location: Trento in the Palace Saracens – Cresseri (XVI cent) Which includes in addition to the Central Trust, the Museum of the SAT, the School of Mountaineering and Ski Touring” George Graffer,” the climbing group and SAT.

Address: House of the SAT – via Menci, 57 – 38100 Trento, Tel: 0461.981871 – Fax: 0461.986462 – e.mail: – Web: Office hours: 8-12 and 15-19, Monday to Friday.

Museum: shows original documents with the birth of the first SAT and organizational activities – publishing, the history of the shelters with the original plans, the guides, the first and most important ascents to the summit with the books, the history of the SAT side Associations, scientific publications, mountain Rescue, the first trails, the SAT and irredentism. The exhibition is accompanied by old photos and mountaineering equipment. Guided tours are available by appointment by contacting the Library of the mountain -SAT.

Library of the mountain – SAT: inaugurated in 1992 on the second floor of the House of SART collects over 45.000volumi. The library is included in the Trentino bibliographic catalog, a catalog that connects all network libraries of Trentino. It has a regular service, a section of maps, printed catalogs and bibliographies of the main libraries of mountaineering. An integral part of the library is the “Fund John Pedrotti”. Among the services offered, in addition to consultation in the compilation of bibliographies, watching movies, and more.

Librarians: Claudio Richard Ambrosi and Decarli. Tel: 0461.982804 – e-mail:

Hours: 10-12 and 16-19 from Monday to Friday.

Mountain SAT Informa: information office dedicated to the mountains. Tel: 0461.982804 – e.mail: – Opening hours: May-October: 9-12 and 15-19, from November to April: 15-19.

Mountain rescue: it consists, first in Italy, in 1952 under the name of Mountain Rescue Corps SAT since 2002 she is part of Civil Protection of the Province of Trento under the name of Mountain Rescue in Trentino.

Web: – For emergency calls: 118